Development Restructure Score Card

Score Card 2.1 Released

My Score Card app had been neglected for a while, and since I was already in the mode of updating iOS apps, I gave this app the same curtesy. As with my other projects, I’ve updated the app to Swift 5 and Restructure. Along with that, the app should look better on modern iOS devices.

As an added bonus, I added a custom keyboard, since the stock keyboards on iOS never presented the exact right combination of keys to make score entry easy. Along with that keyboard, the iPad version gets simple physical keyboard support for quickly editing scores.

Editing scores on iPhone

I also moved the app from free to $0.99. This is more of an experiment, since the app already has a good amount of users and there is zero advertising done to it.

Check it out on the App Store.

Approximate Speed Development

Approximate Speed 1.1

I’ve been working on other iOS projects for a while. Recently, I’ve been thinking about Approximate Speed, the simplistic timing app I wrote years ago and never touched again. Two days ago, I receive an email from the App Store:


I hadn’t updated it in so long that it doesn’t even function with modern iOS devices. It’s been over 3 years. I’ve spent the last two days bringing up to speed, which was a lot harder than I first thought. Among other issues:

  • It was written in Swift 3, which isn’t migratable to Swift 5 in Xcode 10.2.
  • It used Carthage as the package manager, which I just don’t like.
  • It used Chameleon, which doesn’t seem to be maintained anymore, and therefore was still on Swift 3. Here’s my fork.
  • It used a very early version of Structure, and I really didn’t want to migrate to Restructure just yet.

All of that aside, the new version is available. There’s nothing really new, just a code migration a little bit of polish as UIKit has changed a bit in 3 years.

It’s available now, on the App Store.