Approximate Speed Development

Approximate Speed 1.1

I’ve been working on other iOS projects for a while. Recently, I’ve been thinking about Approximate Speed, the simplistic timing app I wrote years ago and never touched again. Two days ago, I receive an email from the App Store:


I hadn’t updated it in so long that it doesn’t even function with modern iOS devices. It’s been over 3 years. I’ve spent the last two days bringing up to speed, which was a lot harder than I first thought. Among other issues:

  • It was written in Swift 3, which isn’t migratable to Swift 5 in Xcode 10.2.
  • It used Carthage as the package manager, which I just don’t like.
  • It used Chameleon, which doesn’t seem to be maintained anymore, and therefore was still on Swift 3. Here’s my fork.
  • It used a very early version of Structure, and I really didn’t want to migrate to Restructure just yet.

All of that aside, the new version is available. There’s nothing really new, just a code migration a little bit of polish as UIKit has changed a bit in 3 years.

It’s available now, on the App Store.