Development Score Card

Score Card 2.2 Released

Score Card IconScore Card 2.2 has been released, bringing support for iOS 13 and Dark Mode. The app has received an overall polish, and the player selection screen has been cleaned up to be intuitive. Rows can be selected to be cleared or deleted.

Development Formula Control

Formula Control 2.1 Release

Formula Control IconFormula Control 2.1 has been released, with support for iOS 13 and Dark Mode. Under the hood, it has transitioned to using Swift Package Manager for it its third-party dependencies.

Approximate Speed Development Restructure

Approximate Speed 1.2 Released

Approximate Speed IconApproximate Speed 1.2 has been released, adding support for iOS 13 and Dark Mode. Under the hood, Approximate Speed now uses Restructure for its data management, as well as Swift Package Manager to manage all of its dependencies.

In related news, my fork of Chameleon on the Swift5 branch also supports Swift Package Manager.

Development Restructure

Restructure 2.0.0 Released

In preparation for iOS 13, tvOS 13, & macOS 10.15, I’ve released Restructure 2.0.0. The major change for this release is the move to Swift Package Manager for distribution. All of the Apple ecosystem is moving to SPM, and so goes Restructure. No more submodules!

This release also adds some additions mentioned in the WWDC 2019 session Optimizing Storage in Your App. Journal and vacuum modes can now be modified to better manage your storage usage. Secure deletion has is also configurable.