My wife co-directed the musical Beauty and the Beast at Garaway High School. We were brain storming ideas on how to represent the rose that the story revolves around. Using an HP TouchPad with CyanogenMod, I created an animated rose application. To control the app, we used another app on a Droid Eris that communicates via Bluetooth.

The Code

Rose is an Android 4.0 application that does the display work. It uses the Android graphics library, a custom built particle system and photography of a rose that we destroyed to work.


RoseInterface is an Android 2.3 application that does the control work. It is 2.3 since that is the capabilities of the Droid Eris we used. It uses Bluetooth to connect to the Rose application. It can cause a “decay” and can also toggle the screen.

Both applications are released under a BSD license.