Structure 1.0.1

Structure 1.0.1 has been released. This release brings minor changes to best practices for Swift. Specifically:

  • Audited closures for use of @noescape.
  • Audited parameter throws for use of rethrows.
  • Concurrency testing.

Announcing: Approximate Speed 1.0

My friends and I enjoy auto racing, and every year, we make the pilgrimage to the Indy 500. This year, one friend wanted a way to determine the average speed of a driver on the track. Instead of stop watches and maths, I decided to write an app to do the work for us.

Approximate Speed is an iOS that, given a fixed distance, can be used to determine the average speed of an object. Check out more information about Approximate Speed, or get it on the App Store.

Announcing: Structure 1.0

Before Swift, projects that I worked on used SQLite directly. I could have done the same with Swift, but it felt like I could benefit from writing a wrapper. I used this as a means to teach myself Swift, as well as create something that I could reuse throughout my projects.

Enter Structure! Structure is by no means a complete SQLite wrapper. This framework performs the basic CRUD operations I need, as well as maintain some semblance of thread safety. It also provides simple data access and value transformations.

If you’re curious, check out the GitHub page. There is some simple documentation and lots of tests to get a feel for how the framework works.

The Hunt

My friends and I run a yearly bicycle scavenger hunt and this year it was up to my wife and me to plan it. One of the problems we always face is predictability. Each hunt can be easily planned out ahead of time by the participants, who then just go from place to place in order. I wanted to break that.

My idea was a system that only gave one question to solve at a time. When you answer the question, you get some points and the next question. To achieve this, I wrote a Ruby on Rails app that ties in with Twilio, allowing anyone with a cellphone to join teams, participate in answering questions and get ridiculed by me behind the scenes.

Check out The Hunt, which is fully open sourced and accepting of comments & criticism.